NaceCare™ Jet Steam 1600C Vapor Cleaner

NaceCare™ Jet Steam 1600C Vapor Cleaner

Item # NA8025134

  • Incorporates stainless steel welded boilers ensuring consistent steam pressure. The pump is connected to the water reservoir for a constant supply of water.
  • Boiler Size: 1.25 Qt.
  • Boiler Capacity: Unlimited, Water Reservoir: 4 quarts
  • Steam Pressure: 65 psi, Steam Temp.: 240 degrees F
Alternate #1600C

The cleaning power of this steam attacks grease, grime, hard water deposits, mould and more as it quickly breaks down virtually any type of soil, leaving the surface sanitized.

  • Operator safety is assured by the many safety features including 12 volt steam controls, pressure switch, thermostat, high limit thermal shut off and pressure relief valve.


  • Power Cord: 8 ft.
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Total Power: 1,500 W, 120V