Windsor® Chariot™ iScrub 22SP Stand On - 22", 130AH

Windsor® Chariot™ iScrub 22SP Stand On - 22", 130AH

Item # 9.840-938.0

  • Designed with Windsor's Patented Chariot Stand-On Technology for increased productivity and maneuverability.
  • Brush motor: 1 x .8 hp, Brush speed: 1500 rpm
  • Vacuum motor: .63 hp
  • Electrical: 36V, 3 x 12V 130 AH batteries
22", 130AH, Automatic Charger, ea
Alternate #98409380

Two 22" counter-rotating brushes provide pre-sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming in one pass for thorough cleaning especially on grouted and structured surfaces.

Vacuum motor: .63 hp. Electrical: 36V, 3 x 12V 130 AH batteries.


  • An ultra-tight turning radius enables Chariot to run around in five foot aisles with room to spare. Greater access in tight areas, increasing your floor cleaning coverage.
  • Intuitive control panel and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank.
  • Quiet operation for daytime cleaning.
  • Ergonomically designed leg panel for increased operator comfort.
  • On-board charger can be used with any standard wall outlet.
  • External fill-port provides easier access to fill solution and water.
  • Operator-presence foot pedal for safety during operation.
  • Pivoting squeegee
  • Tie-down bar provides easier transport.
  • Cylindrical counter-rotating brushes incorporate sweeping and scrubbing in one pass.
  • Easy access to the debris tray for dumping and cleaning.
  • Wide-open access to battery compartment. Effortless access to recovery tank for easy cleaning.
  • Intuitive function control system with preset cleaning settings simplifies training and provides more consistent cleaning results.


  • Cleaning Rate: 19,700 ft2/hr
  • Scrub Head/Squeegee Lift: Actuator
  • Brush/Pad Pressure: 46 lbs.
  • Solution Capacity: 10 gal.
  • Recovery Capacity: 10 gal.
  • Drive System: Gear motor w/chain drive
  • Transport Speed: 1.8/2.7 mph
  • Operating Speed: 1.8/2.7 mph
  • Noise Level: 54 dBA (transport), 71.5 dBA (operation)
  • Wheels: Polyurethane, 6" rear, 8" front
  • Solution Control: Gravity, 1/3 GPM average
  • Flow Rate: .33 GPM
  • Cleaning Function Control: Automatic pre-set cleaning function dial
  • On-Board Charger: (optional) 15A, water-proof charger for AGM batteries only
  • Brake: Electrical parking brake
  • Weight w/o Batteries: 255 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 44" L x 25.4" W x 51.8" H
  • Squeegee: Center pivot, wrap around (no adjustment)