Windsor® Compass™ 2 Surface Cleaning Machine

Windsor® Compass™ 2 Surface Cleaning Machine

Item # 1.007-056.0

  • One machine, one purpose, one totally clean environment. Daily cleaning will completely remove soils and bacteria, leaving your facility "Compass Clean".
  • Vac Motor: 900 watts, 2 stage
  • Pump Motor: 1/3 hp AC with circuit breaker protection
  • Electrical System: 120V, 14.3 amp
Alternate #10070560

Safely and accurately dispenses cleaning solutions at a safe pressure, then rinses at low or high pressure and vacuums the surfaces completely dry in 1/3 less time than conventional cleaning methods.


  • State-of-the-art touchless cleaning design allows the operator a clutter-free work station, while providing easy access to tools, chemicals and accessories.
  • Unique features of the Compass 2 allow the operator to clean multiple surfaces easily and safely while increasing productivity, saving time, and reducing labor costs.
  • Convenient universal fill hose.
  • Safe feed system.
  • Heavy duty pump with problem-free priming.
  • Rear mounted hook for wet floor signs.
  • Large tank capacity.
  • 12" non-marking wheels and 6" locking front casters.
  • Chemical selection valve and accurate metering.
  • Unique ergonomic pressure sprayer.
  • Convenient front control panel.
  • Easy-to-reach tool storage area.
  • Safety drip tray.


  • Pump Pressure: 2 stage adjustable. Low: 100-200 psi; High: 700-900 psi
  • Solution Flow: Adjustable 0.66 gpm to 1.25 gpm
  • Solution Tank: 29 gallon
  • Recovery Tank: 19 gallon
  • Dimensions: 36" L x 24.75" W x 43" H
  • Hose Length: 30'
  • Cord Length: 50'
  • Weight: 210 lbs empty
  • Standard Tools: Regular wand, wheeled squeegee, ergonomic spray gun, scrub brush, gulper floor drain tool, hand squeegee for mirror and glass work, and door stop.