Service Department

Allston Supply services many types of equipment in house as well as at customer locations.

Allston’s major brands, for which we are a certified warranty center, are Windsor, Nace Care, NSS, Viper, ProTeam, Host and Clarke.

Our Service Department consists of factory trained technicians and has two vans for onsite jobs.

Customers also have the choice of dropping machines off, and picking them up when completed.

Allston Supply looks forward to the opportunity to solve your service needs.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Allston Supply Company can provide a Preventive Maintenance Program for your battery powered equipment. On a quarterly service cycle our Preventive Maintenance Technician will visit your facility and thoroughly inspect, adjust and lubricate your battery machine or machines. In addition, if you desire, our technician can inspect and service other, non-battery maintenance equipment while his is there.

A Preventive Maintenance service call consists of the following:

  • All adjustments
  • All grease and oil
  • Squeegees checked and balanced
  • Brushes checked and adjusted
  • Forward and reverse adjusted
  • Batteries tested and watered
  • All wheels greased
  • Vac hoses checked
  • Vacuum motors tested
  • Lid gaskets and seals tested for air tightness or replaced
  • Tanks checked for leaks
  • Filters cleaned or replaced
  • Charging systems checked
  • Machine run for performance

The charge for your Preventive Maintenance call is 65$/hr in house or 85$/hr road calls portal to portal plus actual P.M. time. If your machine is under the Manufacturer’s warranty, we will replace warranted parts at no charge pending approval from manufacturer.

If your machine is not functional at the time you are considering the Preventive Maintenance Agreement, we will pick the machine up, and provide you with an estimate of the cost to make the machine operational, so that you can decide if a Preventive Maintenance Program is desirable for the particular piece of equipment. The Allston Supply Preventive Maintenance Program offers a convenient and cost-effective way to assure that our machines do what they’re supposed to do: Keep your facility clean!